• Doctors Consultation

    The hospital is headed by Prof. Dr. K.T .Jayakrishnan, Chief Medical Officer, Former Medical Superintendent of Ayurveda College, Coimbatore and Sri Jayandra Saraswathi Ayurveda College, Chennai. He is well supported by competent and well-trained Ayurveda physicians and therapeutic assistants providing personal care to the patients.

  • Ayurvedic Therapies

    The specialized treatments provided at the Shanta Ayurveda Hospital, are popularly called "Kerala Treatments" and were developed centuries ago by physicians in Kerala. The research conducted by the ancient physicians has left an imprint on therapeutic techniques such as Dhara, Pizhichil, Navarakizhi, Sirovasthi etc.

  • In Patient Ward

    At Shanta ayurvedahospital, We have 10 rooms and 4 Treatments rooms. The rooms are designed using recycle wood so that it has light corpon foot print. Rooms also have facility for required time and for meditation after treatment hours. The treatment rooms have all the facility that a proper ayurvedic hospital required


Shanta Ayurveda Hospital Specialities

We are specialized in various departments which cater to the needs and requirements of our clients. We believe in quality and deliver only quality services. The doctors and experts are highly skilled who possess several years of experience in the industry. Some of the specialties are.

  • Hygienic Infrastructure
  • In Patient Ward
  • Qualified Therapist
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Ayurvedic Pharmacy
  • 100 % Natural

Our Special Treatments

Sirodhara / Sirovasthi
Podikizhi / Navarakizhi
Kati Vasthi

Welcome to Shanta Ayurveda

Shanta Ayurveda Hospital is a joint venture of the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd & P.S. Hospitals, Chennai. Arya Vaidya Pharmacy with 75 years of expertise in various fields of Ayurveda, manufacturing of medicines, running of hospitals, education & research offers its technical support to Shanta Ayurveda Hospital.
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3 Doshas of Ayurvedic Medicine


Vata - Vata energy is often said to be like the wind. It is primarily in charge of mobility, motion, circulation, breathing and other essential body functions. Vata- type of personalities are known to be creative and energetic when they are in balance but fearful, stress out and “scatter-brained” when they are not. Physically, vata types are usually on the thin side, have smaller bones and tend not to put on weight easily.

Pitta - Pitta is the energy force that governs most metabolic activityincluding digestion, absorption of nutrients, body temperature and energy expenditure. Pitta type of personalities tend to be smart, hard-working and driven (even competitive) when in balance but can be overly angry and aggressive when they are not.

Kapha - Kapha controls growth in the body and is considered the nourishing dosha. It supplies moisturize to the cells and organs and helps keep a strong immune system. Kaphatypes of personalities are known for being grounded, supportive, loving and forgiving when in balance - almost like a maternal figure.

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  • "Best ayurvedic treatment provided. It is fully ayurvedic. The staffs are polite and helpful. The consultant also very experienced . He can give right solution for your disease. Treatment cost varied by patients to patients according Thier family situation (poorness). They will take care entirely untill you heal. 24/7 they monitor and take care of you by giving medicine on time."
    Sakthi Kumar
  • "Excellent treatment. The doctors are so good and a great level of comfort with them. You feel like their family. Very good care."
    Maheshwari Astroved
  • "Best Doctor and expert advice and effective treatment thanks Dr JK"
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