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Shanta Ayurveda Hospital was started with the aim of providing holistic Ayurveda Treatments in Chennai, natural and effective treatment. The hospital is committed in taking guidance of all the advanced diagnostic methods of allopathy and effective natural treatment procedures of Ayurveda.

Shanta Ayurveda Hospital is a joint venture of the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd & P.S. Hospitals, Chennai. Arya Vaidya Pharmacy with 75 years of expertise in various fields of Ayurveda, manufacturing of medicines, running of hospitals, education & research offers its technical support to Shanta Ayurveda Hospital.

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3 Doshas of Ayurvedic Medicine

Vata - Vata energy is often said to be like the wind. It’s primarily in charge of mobility, motion, circulation, breathing and other essential body functions. Vata types are known to be creative and energetic when they’re in balance but fearful, stressed and “scatter-brained” when they’re not. Physically, vata types are usually on the thin side, have smaller bones and tend not to put on weight easily.

Pitta - Pitta is the energy force that governs most metabolic activity, including digestion, absorption of nutrients, body temperature and energy expenditure. Pitta types tend to be smart, hard-working and driven (even competitive) when in balance but can be overly angry and aggressive when they’re not.

Kapha - Kapha controls growth in the body and is considered the nourishing dosha. It supplies moisturize to the cells and organs and helps keep a strong immune system. Kaphas are known for being grounded, supportive, loving and forgiving when in balance - almost like a motherly type.

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About Ayurveda

The knowledge of life and longevity, Ayurveda, is perhaps the oldest existing body of knowledge on the healing system. This holistic and natural healing system was developed by highly evolved spiritual beings who not only addressed the problems of the body and mind but also of the human spirit and consciousness. This knowledge system, which is in perfect harmony with the Indian thought process and its origin, can be traced to the Vedas and does not aim to merely cure the disease syndrome. Instead, it looks to reharmonise the living body and restore it to its natural state of equilibrium.

Dr. K .T. Jayakrishnan, B.A.M.S

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